atrakcjeThe biggest attraction of Forest Apartments is their location in the middle of the forest, in the central part of the Tuchola Landscape Park, a part of the area of the Bory Tucholskie Forest.

The uniqueness of this region was confirmed by the use of special nature protection also on international scale, by creating the area NATURE 2000 (Special Protection Areas and Special Areas of Conservation) and the UNESCO Biosphere reserve Bory Tucholskie, in the heart of which Forest Apartments are.

In the ecological network ECONET Bory Tucholskie are referred to as an area of international importance. Many rare, relic and protected species of plants, fungi and animals live here. Many of them are mentioned on red lists of endangered species.

The presence of phytoncides – volatile compounds (ethereal oils) having bacteriocidal and regenerative properties explains scientifically why we feel there so well. Moreover, suprisingly, the air in these areas has large amounts of iodine.

Attractions on the spot:

  • Walking tours –  Bielska Struga is situated on several routes
  • Bike rides along many routes prepared by foresters (all-terrain bicycles are here, additionally paid)
  • Hunting animals and birds with a camera
  • planned reserve of the Bielska Struga (by the house)
  • fenced playground
  • unprofessional volleyball and badminton court
  • banquet benches and tables in various nooks of a 2ha plot
  • place for a bonfire (we provide wood, additionally paid)
  • canoeing
  • fishing (permit for angling)
  • many interesting tourist routes
  • materials concerning the attractions in the neighbourhood, detailed maps, guidebooks (available in each apartment.)

Most interesting attractions in the neighbourhood in our opinion (distance from Forest Apartments):

  • exceptionally picturesque natural path Deer Island in Gołąbek (6km) – we recommend it very much
  • Dendrological Park on the Stążka River in Gołąbek (5,5km) - 150 tree species in the area of 2.5 ha
  • Natural path Brda River Valley (4km) – Brda is the main heroin here
  • reserve Sources of the Stążka River with famous Dwarf Waterfalls (3,5km) – the reserve is most beautiful, it covers the upper part of the river valley, together with its sources (nature monument), rare plants are also exceptional here (among others, orchids)
  • reserve Brda River Valley (2,5km) – the fragment of the Brda River with the most beautiful landscape, which is the kingfisher sanctuary in Poland
  • reserve Kozie Lakes with floating islands (8 km) – small islets are impressive, but you can also observe interesting vegetation of high peat bogs  and very common protected sundews
  • reserve Bogs of the Stążka River (6km) – the largest low peat bog in the Bory Tucholskie forest with the typical plants of species: relic, protected, rare and very rare, there are excellent habitat conditions for many bird species (among others, crane)
  • reserve Zdręczno Lake (5km) – sanctuary of water lilies and water birds and rare and relic plants
  • reserve The Bog Grzybna (3km)  -  rare species of peat bog plants occur here
  • reserve Yews on the Czerska Struga (13km)– natural old yew forest
  • reserve Ustronie (14km)– mixed forest of natural character with specimens of wild service trees and ancient forest
  • Lakes nearby:
    • Lake Susz (400m)
    • Lake Okierskie (2km)
    • Lake Białe (3km)
    • Lake Okonińskie (5km)
    • Lake Krąg (12km)
  • The picturesque Small Canal of the Brda River (1km) – we very much recommend a walk along the canal or canoeing, especially for families with small children
  • Bunker of the AK “Jedliny - 102” troop commanded by lieutenant Jan Sznajder “Dąb” (Oak) on the bridge over the Stążka River (blue route) (2km)
  • A small wooden church in Dąbrówka Kościelna from1768, built thanks to efforts of Maciej Janta-Połczyński (8km)
  • An aqueduct in Fojutowo (12km) – a construction that enables crossing of two rivers

Interesting places in the neighbourhood:

  • Museum of the Bory Tucholskie Forest, ul. Podgórna 3, Tuchola
  • Tuchola – urban layout from the 14th c. and fragments of town walls from the 14th and 15th c. (we recommend Łuczniczka cafe with tasty chocolates made in Tuchola)
  • refugium of wooden construction in the village of Krąg – live skansen from the 19th c.  (2 large lakes)
  • nature reserve Piekiełko – the gorge segment of the Brda River with locally mountainous character
  • the reserve Old Polish Yews in Wierzchlas – thousand-year-old specimens of yews
  • the fauna reserve Czaplowisko Wysoka -  a colony of grey heron
  • the archaeological reserve Stone Circles in Odry
  • Wdzydze Kiszewskie – an open-air museum of Kashubian architecture
  • Goły Jon ravine near Trzebciny (also a beautiful lake)
  • A mill in Nadolnik – ruins of a water mill built in girt construction in 19th c.
  • A baroque church in Bysław from 1607.
  • More than 200-year-old wooden peasant cottages in Lińsk, Zielonka, Rosochate, Brzoza and Sucha

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