Map & Directions

How to get here by car

homeDon’t trust navigation! Being out of range, permanently or temporarily, causes quite many problems. It is best to get to us from the road Tuchola – Czersk heading for the village Biała. In Biała you should turn right, according to the signpost Bielska Struga 2. Then you should go for 2.5km along a dirty road through the wood and you will see the wooden fence of Forest Apartments on the left. [see map]

Going from A1 (turn into the road in Warlubie), you can’t trust navigation! Only outside the village Gołąbek, you should turn right into a forest dirt road (sign on the camping site) and go about 4km. After passing a small bridge, after 400m a board of Forest Apartments and the signpost for Biała will appear, and there you must turn right. After about 2.5km you will see Forest Apartments on your right. [see map]


GPS: N 53° 39' 29.3691", E 17° 58' 22.6346"

google: 53.65815808, 17.97295406


Distances from the major cities:

  • Bydgoszcz - 75km
  • Toruń - 100km
  • Gdańsk - 110km
  • Poznań - 220km
  • Szczecin - 270km
  • Łódź - 290km
  • Wrocław - 350km
  • Warszawa - 380km
  • Berlin - 400km
  • Białystok - 400km
  • Katowice - 470km
  • Kraków - 510km
  • Lublin - 540km


How to get here by public transport:

  1. From the south, that is from Warsaw, Poznań, Berlin, Bydgoszcz, Kraków, Lublin, …

    - najlepiej dojechać do nas PKP do miejscowości Tuchola (

    - from Tuchola, take a taxi to Bielska Struga at the price 45zł (tel. 725 309 666 )

  2. 2. From the north, that is from Gdańsk, Koszalin, ...

    -it is best to go by train to the town of Czersk (

    - from Czersk, take a taxi to Bielska Struga at the price 70zł (tel. 606 804 767)